Squishing About in My Brain


The sometimes rambling, occasionally disconnected, frequently random, always stream-of-consciousness musings of my jellyfish-like mind…which may, or may not, at any given time, include profanity and “impolite” subjects, treated with all the respect and dignity I can muster at the time.

 Sometimes I am even funny. Sometimes.

I am an artist, a lover of words, someone’s mom, an animal companion (you don’t really think humans OWN pets, do you?), a completely eclectic human, and a passionate dork about a lot of things.


3 Responses to "About"

Hi There!
I just “found” you yesterday and see you haven’t written for awhile…Love your style…funny….Can you come back or do you have another blog, etc.

Pam aka Mental Manic

I’LL BE BAHHCK! (Say it in an Ahhhnold voice; makes me funnier)

Your writing inspires me. You have wit, intelligence, perspective and wisdom – everything a real woman wants!

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