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Once again, I need to ease my ass into regular writing. I tend to go full bore into something and then go back to something else. This last couple of weeks, it was making jewelry and planning my etsy.com debut. Stay tuned; that will still happen.

But yesterday, I thought, wow, I seem to be getting a lot of nothing accomplished; maybe I could tell people about all my nothing!

So, here is my yesterday:

  • Woke up late since the alarm didn’t go off. Had ten minutes to get to work, and made it. However, I didn’t get any caffeine or food as I dashed out the door. Nor did the dogs get taken out. Which explains the pee in my bed. (The pug can’t jump off the bed.)
  • Worked four hours. It only took 1.5 hours for the headache to start.
  • After work, drank two HUGE cups of Macadamia Cookie coffee. (Thanks, Gina Velez, for the Keurig coffee brewer! ) Y’know what I love? That no matter how much Truvia and creamer you add, the caffeine level of coffee never lessens. It’s a beautiful, and necessary, miracle of the cosmos. Lovely!
  • Cleaned out over 500 emails. I even read some of them first. (yes, of COURSE I read YOURS! I would never delete YOURS without reading it!)
  • Learned how to create the perfect red lip with Kiss and Makeup’s Lucy Freeman. Creating the Perfect Red Lip To be honest, she didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know after 43 years on this planet, but even stuff you already know sounds better when the makeup artist has an accent, I think. And she made me want to buy more red lipstick, like I needed THAT.
  • Successfully fought off a migraine. (see above: drank two huge cups of coffee…) I was left with “just a headache” instead, which was more bearable. If I had managed another HUGE cup of coffee, even that may have gone away, but even I know better than to over-caffeinate myself THAT much.
  • Posted on hippymom.com. It’s a great place, where happyhappyjoyjoy abounds, and they don’t mind if you vent on occasion. Also peopled by a helluva great group of really funny grrrls. Hippies Do It Better- GO NOW!
  • Beat on PsychoKitty. Don’t look at me like that! SHE LIKES IT!

(The sick bitch)






  • Browsed pink, and then purple, balls on bowlingball.com “It’s Where Bowlers Go” . I still want my own ball…and someone with whom to bowl.
  • Attempted to load About.com Paranormal Phenomena’s Ghost in the Hallway video. Ghost in the Hallway Spent a lot of time waiting, as the laptop was fighting me on it the whole way, which is par for the course with the relationship the laptop and I have, and it never DID download, so I cannot tell you if I believe it was real or faked. Maybe you could let me know.
  • Stretched. Hey, it is a step closer to actually exercising than I usually get!
  • Made and devoured a goodly portion of a DiGiorno Italian Meatball pizza, which I usually do not like. I’m not a real fan of meat pizza. But yesterday, I was. Thanks, Aunt Flo.







  • Was quiet and mindless…er, MINDFUL!…for a good ten minutes. Hey, it’s a step closer to learning to meditate. Quiet mind is most definitely NOT a natural state for me.
  • Read the article The Wreck of the Mermaid in the Sept/Oct 2008 issue of Archaeology magazine, about the wreck of the “Russalka, the Czar’s Lost Ironclad”. <SPOILER ALERT: THEY FOUND IT!> Yes, I do have these kinds of things just laying around sometimes for the moments when I am forced to wait for the l’ordinateur portable schizophr√®ne (thanks, babelfish.com !) to reload, which it does about every 20-30 minutes.) And, yes, that does also mean it took me five years to actually read that particular issue. That would be why I do not subscribe to magazines very often. But please note, when I DO, I read interesting things…as compared to the latest “news” on the Kardashians or whatever other people are wont to read.
  • Drank SIX GLASSES OF WATER! (Did SO, disbelievers!) Thanks, Brita!
  • Went to the big computer in the basement, and worked on my farms in FarmVille. Yeah, you heard me; I fake-farm. And now I know I have to defend myself, so here it is: I like FarmVille for one simple reason: IT’S CUTE. The graphics are freaking cute. Yep, that is why. CUTE. And to any of you who have seen my account on Pinterest, you know I am a SUCKER FOR THE CUTE!¬† Besides, some days the mindless pursuit of FarmVille is all that keeps people from dying bloody deaths at my hands. So keep that in mind the next time you bitch about FarmVille. IT SAVES LIVES, PEOPLE!
  • Watched two back episodes of The New Girl. Thanks, http://www.hulu.com, whose link I cannot access from the library, where I am typing this!
  • Washed, brushed, stripped, brought the dog to bed (those last two were in reverse order, I assure you), read The Fox and the Flies : The Secret Life of a Grotesque Master Criminal for awhile (hey, look! you can get it on ebook! If I were you, I’d get it on audio and listen to it in the car…it’s frickin looooong!), and then went to bed, eventually falling asleep to the snores of an old lady cat, an overweight cat, and a pug: the perfect Squishy bedtime trifecta.

I know, my life looks so incredibly thrilling if this is my typical, doesn’t it? Let’s not call it typical. Let’s just call it relaxed. A relaxed day. Yeah. That. In my defense, you have no idea how much time I spend waiting on the stupid computer to do it’s job. I spend a great deal of time bad-mouthing it to it’s screen, too. I know it can hear me.

So, your reward for getting through this day with me without quickly reversing from my page is this: ask me questions in the comments. About anything. ANY QUESTIONS. (And multiple questions,since there are only about five of you reading this.) I will answer them in a future blog. Yep, no matter what they are. But keep in mind that, like God, there is a chance that the answer is just NO.


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