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Posted on: October 26, 2010

I am going to use my blog to apologize for rudeness…mine. Alyssa and Danette and Laura the Red: I AM SO SORRY.

It matters not what excuses I make or have—not following through is RUDE, and I sincerely apologize.

Laura: I am sorry I never returned your calls when I first got back. My life was a mess and I just couldn’t pick  up the damn phone to reach out. I AM SO SORRY. That was fucking rude. I am sorry I blew you off.  I sitll hope to meet your wife and dog someday.

Danette: I AM SO SORRY I did not RSVP to the baby shower, after I said I would go, in conversation. When I got my schedule and realized I had to work, I thought, “I’ll call tomorrow.” Then a few days later, I thought, “Maybe I can get the day off. Someone may want the hours…” Then a week later, when I KNEW I was not going to make it, I STILL forgot to call you. And THEN, that weekend, I had the flu, and totally forgot about the party anyway. That is what happened, but it is still no excuse. I was rude to blow it all off. I apologize.

Alyssa: when I came home from work last Wednesday, I fell asleep at 3 p.m. and stayed asleep most of the night…I totally forgot about calling you to discuss what we planned. To make it worse, I JUST realized I had blown it off LAST NIGHT…almost a week later. I am a putz…I apologize. Sincerely. No excuse…I was rude. I am sorry.I will send you an email with the info I imagine you will need, and if you have already taken care of it all yourself, GO YOU! Otherwise, I apologize again.

I am not afraid to be wrong. I am not afraid to admit when I am rude or stupid or just forget shit.

But I am sincerely sorry for rudeness. I do not like people to blow me off, and I always try to treat others as I expect to be treated.


Sometimes I just suck.


1 Response to "Apologies"

You so forgiven, i figured you would have to work… i still love you!

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