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Well, hello there. I am back, talking to myself, most probably, but here I am…my own little corner of cyberspace, which I have been neglecting for a long time now.
Let’s just chalk it all up to life getting a little…difficult…for awhile, and move on.
Yes, the jellyfish is still squishing…

I do not want to dwell on the difficulties, so let me just summarize (I am sure I will want to talk about it in more depth someday, but this is not that day):

*April 15: turned 40. Not happily. I am not fond of 40 yet.

*June 28th: Car accident. Rear ended by woman who never touched brakes until after she hit me. Car totalled. Me hurt. Daughter spared, aside from a 24 hour headache.

*June-July: Both car parties have same insurance company; I still get screwed (by my OWN insurance company, yes.

*Late July: Get financed on a used 2007 Kia Spectra. Silver. Boring. But necessary. Also got lawyer.

*August 1-present: Severe life dissatisfaction. In search of…what? Still trying to figure that out.

There ya go. Nutshelled.

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix this summer. (That happens when you can’t sit upright for very long.) I’ve watched so much…shit. Truly, there were two weeks where everything I watched was crappy. Except The Closer. That’s a fun show.

But NOW…now I find, surprisingly, that I REALLY enjoy Sons of Anarchy. Why does this surprise me? Well, first, I do not look like a biker babe, or anyone who would ever be someone’s Old Lady, as far as I can tell. Secondly, I will never be a big fan of illegal activities, killing, gun running, or drugs, which are the basic activities in the show, to be honest. But I like the show anyway. Well, yes, Ron Perlman IS a god, Hellboy makeup or not, so there is that. He is actually the reason I watched the first disc. But now I find that I genuinely LIKE the show, despite everything about the plot that I would seem diametrically opposed to. I’ve run through the first two discs of season one already, and must say, I am truly getting a good and cathartic release from the violence…what’s not to like about tossing a stalker through a plate glass window, I ask you? Besides…they blow shit up a lot. As long as it isn’t reality, I love watching things blow up.

So, there ya go. My first venture back into my blog.

It ain’t exciting, but it’s a start.

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