Squishing About in My Brain

Dichotomy of Me

Posted on: February 25, 2009

I am a puzzle…wrapped up in an enigma blahblahblah…
  • I am right-handed…and I play pool left-handed.
  • I am very learned in grammar…and I make up words.
  • I am very grounded…but I daydream constantly.
    I love all animals…but I truly hate my daughter’s cat.
  • I love tattoos…but I have none.
  • I have solid self-esteem…but I dislike most pictures of myself.
  • I have an artistic, non-linear, free-for-all personality…but when my mind is frazzled and confused, I do Find-A-Word puzzles in a strict, methodical, regimented way.
  • I adore makeup…but I do not wear it very often.
  • I love seeing movies in the theater…but I only go if someone else takes me.
  • I have a positive outlook…but sometimes I am absolutely certain that the world is both already in hell and positively irredeemable.
  • I love the beach, even in winter…but I rarely go.
  • I am proud of my life, but also prone to POFFs: Profound Overwhelming Feelings of Failure.


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