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Posted on: February 13, 2009

I am SO giving myself BIG KUDOS in my own blog today!

I am so proud of myself, even though I bitch about it…

It’s amazing, it’s stupendous, it’s life-changing!…


I am drinking SO MUCH MORE WATER, it is shocking to me!

I started at the beginning of the month, deciding I had to take all my vitamins, pills, etc. with water from then on out. (And I have daily meds and vitamins, so, that was a good place to start.)

Then last week, I decided I had to drink a big ole cup of water between my Cherry Pepsis at work.

No matter what.

One day this week, I actually drank more water than Pepsi.

I can see a difference already…my skin’s better. I sleep better.

Of course, I also have to pee all the damn time,

but that’s just how it is when your body gets healthy, I guess.

I’m 39 and 10/12ths years old…and I am finally drinking water.
I feel like such a Water Goddess…

And I’m sure I will eventually start LIKING drinking water…right?


2 Responses to "WHOOHOO ME!"

I have trouble getting enough water. :woot to you though!!

I have to force myself…I see now why my grandma tricked us by calling it Vanilla KoolAid and not letting us get it for ourselves…I wish I had a way to trick myself!

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