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Health Class Day 2

Posted on: January 30, 2009

Yesterday was talk-about-sex day. My daughter had not had such a good day at school, and I had to beg and wheedle to hear about health, but she gave in. She even read me her notes.

Basically, they talked about what sex is, definitionally-speaking. And then they talked about the difference between “making love” and fucking, which “he calls PORN”. (She even wrote “PORN!” next to the list in her notes.) Making love, of course, dealt with commitment and relationship and responsibility and deeper feelings than physical ones. Fucking/PORN! was pretty much the opposite.

I asked my daughter if the guys in the class were upset at the teacher blowing all their lies/lines out of the water in his talks, and she said the guys don’t say much of anything…she suspects they are just trying to concentrate on NOT getting erections during class, since the teacher admitted that males can get erections for any old thought that pops into their heads, unbidden, at anytime. I think the guys are now afraid the girls are looking to see if they have hard-ons all the time! (They aren’t–the girls are actually participating in the discussions more than checkin out the boys.)

I didn’t tell her that particular challenge stays with them forever, and that I suspect men have to fight that battle until the day they die!

1 Response to "Health Class Day 2"

I really wish my health teacher was that cool. I don’t even think we covered sex in class. (I live in the Bible Belt.)

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