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Hello, my name is Chelle…and I am a Glass Junkie

Posted on: January 29, 2009

Hello, my name is Chelle…and I am a Glass Junkie…I admit my inability to shake this disease on my own…and I turn myself over to my Higher Power to get me through, and to stop me from stalking Dale Chihuly and like-minded artists…ahem…I mean…

I just found out that someone I went to college with (and his lovely wife who I have never met, but am sure is awesome) is a glass artist now! I am jonesing to buy some of their pretties, despite the fact that I know my financials will not allow it. Maybe for my 40th birthday in April…hmmm…yeeeeessss…perhaps then…

You should go see his website: http://www.sigwarthglass.com/
I have no qualms a’tall putting in a pitch for them…their glass is GORGEOUS!!!!
You should all go see for yourselves, though. It totally rocks.
Sorry I can’t give you a peek, but I didn’t tell him I was going to rave about him in my little blog, so…GO NOW!

UPDATE! Douglas and Renee Sigwarth generously allowed me to upload these pics, which I think are two of the finest pieces I have seen (and I am think it’s very cool that these are the ones I would have picked too!) I admit it: I want to own these two myself. Admit it—you want them, too. You really want them. You should have them. You DESERVE THEM! Go forth and SHOOOOOPPPPPP!

The watercolor series is SO PRETTY!


1 Response to "Hello, my name is Chelle…and I am a Glass Junkie"

If I could only afford some of that stuff. /thud

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