Squishing About in My Brain

Very Cool

Posted on: January 25, 2009


*The way pelagic rays’ backs feel, all soft and velvety, and how they look when they swim—like flying.
*Wintergreen lifesavers
*Shakespeare’s plays—regardless of who did or did not write them.
*My mom. I was informed by old friends that she was ALWAYS the cool mom—I just didn’t realize it.
*Anyone who survives their child’s teenage years without beating them senseless. Also, a kid who survives their teenage years without raising a hand against their parents.
*Jellyfish. They just ARE.
*Cherry Pepsi
*Color copiers
*The smells of Crayolas and of PlayDoh (Did you know they make a PlayDoh scented perfume? Saw it in a catalog.)
*Sand Dollar skeletons
*How in Hawaii and San Diego you can watch the sun set into the ocean; as opposed to Santa Cruz, where it usually sets into a cliff, so you miss most of the end.
*My daughter. She cracks me up.
*My boss
*Toads and fat tree frogs
*Muenster cheese
*Lip gloss
*The sound of thunderstorms
*the Discovery Channel
*Converse tennies
*Pluto—-I miss Pluto.
*Sand around my feet
*My bestest Jellyfish, Shelia
*The smell of new books, and very old ones.
*Fingernail polish
*Comfy pants
*The feel of the top of my desk at work
*Birds singing, especially the mourning doves that hang out at our house
*Riding the waves in a speedy boat in Maryland, and then watching the jellies fluoresce behind us
*Finding the perfect gift for someone
*Paying the bills and still being able to afford groceries or a night at the movies
*Kiwi Strawberry Snapple
*Kevin Smith (“My Boring-Ass Life” Read it now!)
*Wrigley’s Extra Melon gum (Only available in China—you can stop looking for it. And Wrigley’s said NO, they will NOT make it for us, and that I should have my Chinese friends send it to me from overseas if I want more. Geez!)
*Pictures of my mom when she was young
*The fact that two of my exes actually work in theatre. (Although I am also very very jealous of that fact.)
*Close up photos of flowers.
*When my cat sucks her thumb.
*Pretty Kleenex boxes.
*Watching otters break open their food on their bellies
*Saving Jane—both albums
*Having somewhere to post my brain vomit like this…


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