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Oh, Yoda…

Posted on: January 25, 2009

Ancient Wisdom? No, TIMELESS Wisdom!
Current mood: contemplative

I have been reading and listening to a lot of ancient wisdoms lately.
And, guess what? They all say pretty much the same thing, regardless of time or location or “belief”:

Live honestly
Live with compassion
Live Truth
Be good to the Earth

It mystifies me that the human race as a whole cannot grasp this, no matter which peoples they hear it from.
This is not difficult, folks.
But to transform the universe, you do have to stop living every day bending others to your will, and acting from a place of ego, selfishness, violence and greed.
We need to learn that WE ARE ALL THE SAME, and that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, and act accordingly.
We have incredible power to HEAL ourselves and each other and our world, and we do not use the power!
We waste it. We bury it. We ignore it.
We hurt each other when that is the very last thing we should be doing.
Life is supposed to be JOYFUL.
But we get in our own way and cling to pain and hate and strike out at others rather than fix our pain within ourselves.
Embrace each other. Help each other. Live a joyful life.
Everything happens for a reason—but it happens better when we make an effort to live cohesively and gently.


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