Squishing About in My Brain

Not Cool

Posted on: January 25, 2009


*Mendacity (look it up, or watch Cat On a Hot Tin Roof—the Newman-Taylor one is best)
*Throwing poo–literally AND figuratively
*A wasted education
*People who pull into the wrong lane when turning corners. (Are ya TRYING to kill us?!)
*Boozed up potheads. Or potted boozeheads.
*Drivers on the highway who refuse to let people merge. (I’m outta lane here, bud! Are ya TRYING to make ME kill us?!)
*Leering men who catcall and whistle at women and girls
*Bra strap regulations
*Genevieve’s cat (Thank the gods she is pretty!)
*That all my neighbors speak Spanish and I don’t.
*That lip balm is never the same once it goes melty, even if you refrigerate it
*Just lookin to hook-up
*Waking up feeling old
*A bruised meniscus
*That my parents are getting old. It doesn’t seem right, somehow.
*These Japanese green tea wafer cookies we have at work. More tasteless snot and cardboard, please?
*Kids growing up too fast and furious
*Adults NOT growing up
*United States consumer society
*Metal paperclips
*My snap peas died once I took them out of the pot and put them in the ground
*That the world revolves around using blue or black ink. How limiting…
*Soduko. Or Sudoko. Or however the hell it is spelled.
*”Medicinal marijuana”. Please, people…who’s zoomin’ who? (Subject to change if I ever get cancer.)
*Having to work full time to still not make ends meet
*Another Japanese cookie I just ate…that tasted like crispy burnt toast. On purpose, I am guessing.
*Not having a dog. There is even a tree outside that kinda looks like a dog. Kinda.
*Kicking Pluto out of the planetary lineup
*Chihuahuas, in general.


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