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From Sept. 07

Posted on: January 25, 2009


Now, first off….I LIKE my daughter’s school. I think they are good educators and decent, caring people overall.
But that does not change the following:

I DARE the school to suspend my daughter for showing a bra strap.

How ridiculous is it to suspend girls because “bra straps distract the boys”?
Fact of life: pubescent boys notice boobs! Always. Everywhere. FOREVER!
Our girls could wear full-on loose fishermen’s sweaters…BOYS WOULD STILL LOOK AT, AND THINK ABOUT, BOOBS!
Boys do not NEED to SEE straps to be thinking about boobs! Boys are distracted because boobs EXIST!

There is a difference between dressing like a hoochie and having a bra strap show. To punish a teenage girl (whose self esteem is already shaky, thanks to the world we live in) for being smart enough to realize they need to wear a bra is ridiculous. The flat chested ones can wear spaghetti straps…or anything…as long as there are no bra straps showing?! It’s discriminating against girls who are more advanced, biologically speaking.

I guarantee—girls with breasts (which is most of them, I may add) are more distracting WITHOUT BRAS!

I’ve worked very hard my daughter’s entire life to engender her with strong self-esteem. Being a teenager is confusing and uncertain enough without having a school turn around and interrupt a girl’s schooling and put a suspension on their educational record for NOT letting their boobs flop all over; for wearing a bra and GASP! having a strap show at school!

Setting Puritanical rules to try to prevent biological givens is NOT helping anyone.
And it is punishing our GIRLS, who have less equality in America to begin with!
Undermine girls’ self worth some more, please!….thanks for your “help” in raising secure, responsible, intelligent children.

From what I hear, all the kids, male AND female, think the rule is BS.
And guess what? I pay taxes and write out my checks to the school and I vote…and I THINK IT IS BULLSHIT TOO!

I am SO glad this is a more pressing issue than giving our children AN ACTUAL DECENT EDUCATION!
How about, instead of walking around on the lookout for bra straps, you educate our children in a way that will help them to succeed in the world?
Stop wasting my tax dollars, and my time, and MY DAUGHTER’S EDUCATION!

So, I dare you to do it to my daughter. I’ll be so far up the school district’s ass I’ll need a full body HAZMAT decontamination when I am done.


2 Responses to "From Sept. 07"

Right on!!! Please keep us updated on if this happens and what the outcome is when you do a rectal on them.

I never got to actually perform the exam on them…they switched their policy pretty dang fast…I like to think that the sign I put on my car helped a little in that fight. That, and letting everyone within hearing range know what I thought when I was picking up my kid…

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